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Friv Games April 27, 2015 Fun game friv Barbie Angel, this game is in the category Action Friv Greetings!We have recently released an awesome game in our portal. Your users will love playing this game. We request you to take a look and add the game to your portal. Find the game details below:Name: Barbie Angel Description: Cute Lady is confused with n number of hair styles and dresses. Help the lady to wear the perfect dresses for the day out. Game URL: http://www. dressurgirl. com/girl-games/2943/barbie-angel. html SWF: http://www. dressurgirl. com/games/files/Barbie-Angel. swfThumbnail1: http://www. dressurgirl. com/images/Barbie-Angel-200X250. jpg Thumbnail2: http://www. dressurgirl. com/images/Barbie-Angel-160X120. jpgThumbnail3: http://www. dressurgirl. com/images/Barbie-Angel-120X90. jpg Thumbnail4: http://www. dressurgirl. com/images/Barbie-Angel-100X100. jpgThumbnail5: http://www. dressurgirl. com/images/Barbie-Angel-180X135. jpgThumbnail6: http://www. dressurgirl. com/images/Barbie-Angel-90X120. jpgThumbnail7: http://www. dressurgirl. com/images/Barbie-Angel-150X150. jpgThumbnail8: http://www. dressurgirl. com/images/Barbie-Angel-250X250. jpg Game Size: 683 (w) x 539 (h) Keywords: Barbie Angel, Dressurgirl games, Kids games, Girls Games. Category: dressurgirl. com webmaster@dressurgirl. com Use Mouse Use your mouse to play this game.
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